I'm Jodon Karlik, and this is my company. I have worked on some of the top-rated big budget games in the industry and have now decided to pursue my indie dreams. My goal is to produce high quality casual games and multimedia applications.

Besides independent development, I'm also available for consulting. Please view my services section to see how you can benefit from my expertise.


Fling Theory

In Fling Theory, players solve physics-based puzzles by manipulating atoms and destroying obstacles. Your weapon? Electrons! Play through hours of gravity -- and mind-bending levels. Fling Theory aims to unite all gamers through a love for science.

Interactive Unity Tutorials

Interactive Unity Tutorials teach you how to make games using Unity game engine. What sets these tutorials apart from other tutorials, is that the learning all takes place right inside the engine. No more missed steps and second-guessing! Accelerate your learning for FREE by clicking the title link.


AAA Games

homefront Homefront was my first job as a contractor. I was sub-contracted through Digital Extremes to port KAOS' Homefront to PC. As a generalist on the product, my tasks varied widely. My work included audio, front-end, gameplay fixes, and optimizations.

Tron: Evolution Tron Evolution was my first game as the sole engineer responsible for an entire area of a game. I designed and wrote the mobility-combat based animation system upon which the core game mechanics relied upon. Furthermore, I rewrote the Unreal movement networking code to allow for timing-based combo moves as well as animation-driven movement with minimal perceived lag. At the time there were no other combat games on the market with as tough network simulation requirements as Tron.

Turok Turok has a special place in my heart as my favourite project I've yet worked on. It also marks the beginning of my career of specializing in animation programming. I wrote many animation related gameplay features but the highlight of my work was writing parts of a customized physical grass simulation to run on the PS3 SPUs. I'm still teased today as the man who makes virtual grass grow :).

World Cup 2006 FIFA World Cup 2006 was the first game I worked on as a full-time employee at Electronic Arts. I worked on the presentation of the game, mostly working on the programming side of the cutscenes. The highlights of my contributions include an implementation of a live preview tool for the Xbox 360, a balloon movement vertex shader for the Xbox 360, and designing a movie capture tool for animation reviews.

Euro Cup 2004 UEFA Euro Cup 2004 was the first commercial video game I worked on. I was working as a co-op for Electronic Arts at the time. I developed front-end screens using Flash and C++.

Indie Games

Coming Soon!


I offer short-term contracts for multimedia and game programming. I specialize in Unreal Engine 3 and Animation programming, but I have done work ranging from Front-End programming to Low-Level Optimization. If you need a generalist or a specialist, I am confident I can deliver what you need. Thankfully, you don't have to take my word for it as I have plenty of references that back up my talent. Contact me and we'll discuss what you need and how I can help.

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