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Unity Pro Tips – Part 2

As promised, part #2 of my “Pro Tips” for Unity. I think my next post about Unity will be more along the lines of “useful code dumps” than general tips. If you want to meet up for a beer at Unite11 drop me a line! 5. Avoid FindObject. Alternative: Public Static Lists FindObject is slow.…

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Angry Atoms on the Web!

This past week has been just nuts. Angry Atoms is finally available for the public to play online! Just follow this link here: ANGRY ATOMS. What follows is a description of why it took so long to go public and what I went through to release my first online indie game. I’ve been fairly secretive…

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iPhone 2G + 3G Optimization. Maybe More.

The past week has been really hectic, but I thought I’d share a quick optimization that I came across when optimizing Angry Atoms for my iPhone 3G. Angry Atoms at 30fps on iPhone 3G I started benchmarking Angry Atoms and noticed that we were under my target of 30fps on the 3G. How could that…

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