Fling Theory is Released!

Play Fling Theory at the Windows Store

I’m super happy to announce that Fling Theory has been released on the Windows Store! This is the first time the full version of Fling Theory has been made publicly available and represents a significant milestone for Coding Jar Studios. You can play it FOR FREE as long as you have a Windows 8 device (PC or Tablet!)

Fling Theory is the latest incarnation of our previously released game, Angry Atoms. We tuned it up, polished it, made the puzzles more interesting. If you’re not familiar with Angry Atoms, here’s a description straight from our Fling Theory website:

In Fling Theory, players solve physics-based puzzles by manipulating atoms and destroying obstacles. Your weapon? Electrons! Play through hours of gravity — and mind-bending levels. Fling Theory aims to unite all gamers through a love for science.

You can go visit the Fling Theory website to play the game right now using a web browser plug-in (Unity and Flash 11 are both supported). You will also find a link to get the game for Windows 8 on the Windows App Store.

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