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The hope was that one day I would revive my blog when I wasn’t swamped with work. Unfortunately I’ve let it go a bit too long and not even the Wayback Machine is keeping track any more! That’s a shame because I had some really nice ones posted years ago.

If you want to go back and look at old Unity blog posts and the tips and tricks I’ve used over the years, you can find at least two pages on the Wayback Machine. Unfortunately it doesn’t go all the way back and while I wanted to revive the posts for easy reading on here, the truth is a lot of those posts are now outdated. There are a few favourites which are still relevant: Common Unity Issues, State Machines, and Advanced Unity Serialization (which was the the basis for one of the most requested Unity features never implemented).

Right now, I’m taking the time to learn new and excited areas of development including the Unity DOTS, Project Tiny, and Machine Learning. The plan is to revive the blog with new and interesting technical discussions. I hope you’ll check back!

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