Unity on Windows 8

Hey everyone!

I’m sitting in my hotel room, putting the final touches on my presentation about Unity on the new Windows platforms.  As usual, I have examples to work through and I thought I’d actually share them with you!  Below is a link to a bare-bones Unity Windows 8 project, you must be part of the Unity Windows Store Beta program to use it, sign up here.

So what’s so special about this link?  Well, its the first publicly available project that solves a bunch of Windows Store Beta issues for you.  For instance, I show how to hack around unsupported containers like System.Collections.Hashtable.  I also give you fully working code for passing the Windows App Certification Kit, which a typical game will not pass without the workarounds contained in the package.

So how do you use it?  Well first, sign-up for the Windows Store Beta.  Then, download the package below and load it in Unity.  Finally, watch my presentation where I go through this example and show you all the tricks I’ve implemented and what you need to get started.  If you’re reading this on April 9th, you can watch me present live at 2pm PST.  If you’re late to the party, you can view all of the presentations here.

Download Unity Windows Store Example Project

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